Alkaline VS Acidity: Your Body’s Tug-Of-War!

Right now, as you read this – something’s going down in your body. If you’re used to eating sugary, refined, processed foods – you almost certainly have an acidic pH! While green, leafy foods and the right water can alkalize your body, almost every packaged food will breed acidity in your body. 

alkaline womanWhat’s so bad about acidity?

To put it simply: acidity gums up the works. When you are highly acidic, you can experience an entire range of feelings of unwellness. Some experts claim that many diseases can ONLY live in acidic bodies – as it is the perfect conditions for them. Acidic buildup can occur when the body eats too much junk for too long, without ever properly re-balancing the pH and cleansing it out. Ever wonder why you always feel so lethargic? When your body has to deal with a ton of acid weighing it down, how can you really feel vibrant and alive? With the food industry usually more focused on profits rather than quality ingredients, chances are that at LEAST one of the meals you’ve had in the last 24 hours contributed to an acidic internal pH!

alkaline ladyYour alkaline water ionizer to the rescue!

There’s good news: no matter how bad it gets – NOW is the time that you can turn it around. The first step is to stop eating the stuff that is bringing you down! Even your water can be acidic – and tap water usually is! Going from tap water to the ultimate in liquid health – ionized alkaline water – is nothing short of a giant leap. Ionized alkaline water not only helps to rebalance your pH, but also contains loads of antioxidants – your body’s microscopic bodyguards! With an alkaline water ionizer, you can have as much as you want of the healthiest water possible. In doing so, you will help to flush acidic buildup out of your system – meaning you can get to experience what your body is REALLY capable of.

For the latest and greatest in the ionizer world, check out our Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. It’ll help you choose an ionizer that is right for you and your budget! Don’t spend more time than you need to being unhealthy and tired. It truly is an entirely different life when you work with your body – not against it!

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