Does Alkaline Water Taste Bad?

One question that we seem to get asked often is “Does alkaline water taste bad?”  NO!  The answer is actually the opposite.  Alkaline water tastes great!  When tap water is run through your water ionizer machine, the first step that occurs is filtration.  This is the part that removes all of those nasty contaminants found in tap water

Ionization is the next step of the process.  The water molecule gets broken down into smaller micro-clusters and also gets the -ORP, or antioxidant potential, during this step.  What you are left with is the best, cleanest water you’ve ever tasted full of energizing oxygen bubbles.  The water tastes smooth, silky and delicious.  You also don’t feel that strange sloshing feeling in your stomach because the smaller water molecules are more easily absorbed by the cells in your body.

Uses for Alkaline Water

Does Alkaline Water Taste Bad?The top use for alkaline water is drinking.  However, did you know that great-tasting alkaline water can also make other things taste great?

  • Use alkaline water to brew your coffee for a fuller, bolder and more enhanced flavor.
  • Use alkaline water to brew tea.  You don’t even have to heat up the water to make a cup of tea. 
  • Use strong alkaline water to soak fruits and vegetables to help remove pesticides, leaving you with delicious produce.
  • Soak fish and meat in alkaline water before cooking to tenderize it and remove any bad odors.

Alkaline Water Tastes Great

Alkaline water really does taste amazing and it is super hydrating.  I compare it to how I would think drinking water from a pure iceberg would taste.  After drinking ionized alkaline water for many years now, I definitely notice the difference when I occasionally drink bottled water.  The bottled water tastes rough, heavy and sometimes even metallic.  Alkaline water fresh from a water ionizer machine not only tastes great, but can make your other beverages and meals taste better.

Many water ionizer companies offer a trial period when purchasing a machine.  You can try the ionizer out in your home and discover the benefits, and great taste, for yourself.  You should take advantage of that opportunity!  Check out our Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide for help picking a machine that’s right for you. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you think alkaline water tastes great?  We would love to hear your replies in the comments below. 


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