Why Diets Are Not For Me (And Probably Not For You)

alkaline girlAhhh the “popular diet”. Often treated as one-diet-fits-all, this creature tends to overlook the glaring variations in different people’s bodies and will prescribe the same nutritional regimen for every common Joe or Jane, no matter what body type they are. Does that sound right? Every body is different and can’t function on the same premises equally! So what IS good for everybody? What is something EVERYONE needs? How about incredibly high-quality ultra-healthy water and some balanced, organic food? 

A balanced, alkaline array of nutritious food!

Recent nutritional discoveries are constantly highlighting the incredible importance of keeping your body hydrated – not to mention feeding your body with veggies! The difference between a half-depleted, exhausted and dehydrated body and a well-rested body full of alkaline hydration and nutrient-rich food is…. astonishing. Your entire life changes. Instead of a subtle feeling of lethargy and a hazy semi-depression.. you can actually feel like your body is operating on all cylinders! You can actually feel like your body is working with you – and not weighing you down. This newfound energy can allow you to exponentially better your health. “Going to the gym” becomes an easy jaunt, something to look forwards to instead of a nigh-inconceivable, impossibly tiring task. And after a period of prolonged health.. being healthy becomes even EASIER!

Stay away from the one-size-fits-all!

alkalineThe best thing for your body? You already know what it is. Your body sends you signals! Listen to it.. there’s no need to follow a pre-written regimen that may or may not suit you! Stick with the healthy basics – and especially high-quality water. By drinking tap liquid with loads of heavy metals and other byproducts in it.. you can essentially be burdening your body with tons of stuff to get rid of – effectively undoing all the healthy measures you take. Ionized alkaline water has LOADS of anti-oxidants (mini internal bodyguards) and helps to expertly rebalance your pH – cleaning your body of toxins along the way. When your body is alkaline, it can absorb nutrients and healthy water even more easily – helping you to get on the fast track away from heavy, dull unhealthyness! A countertop water ionizer is your key to excellent, AAA-quality water right from your home. It’s really as simple as that.

Haven’t upgraded and equipped your home with a water ionizer? Feeling a bit lost – like you have no idea where to start? As always, we’ve got your back. Our research guys have done all the heavy lifting and have put together our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide – containing all the relevant info about today’s water ionizers in an easy-to-read format! What more could you ask for?


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