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Tyent USA 9-Plate Series

Tyent USA 9-Plate Series
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  • PROS

    Large solid/mesh hybrid plates and an extreme amount of power make Tyent’s 9 plate series a force to be reckoned with. Considering the fact that they are chemical free, use and SMPS Plus, and have a lifetime warranty, it seems only Tyent’s 11 plate series rank higher among all other brands on the market. A true masterpiece.

  • CONS

    If you have a limited budget, then this series is not for you. The price of the machine is easily justified by the quality and performance, but you should look elsewhere if your budget is limited.


    Tyent units remain the highest ranked on our list due to our testing results. The only way you could make these units better is to add more plates and more power. Oh wait a minute, they did, it’s called their 11 plates series!