Nexus Water Ionizer Brand! Buyer Beware!

The Nexus brand of water ionizers include the Nexus X-Blue and the Nexus II Smart. Buyer Beware! There is a list of red flags surrounding this brand, which include:
  1. No official website: When you spend upwards of $1000 for a product, don’t you expect them to have an official website? We do, and unfortunately Nexus does not have an official site. Without an official website, how do you order replacement filters? Who do you call for technical service, support and repairs? Who do you go to about warranty information?
  2. They claim to be an LG brand: An LG water ionizer would be advertised on LG’s website, and it is not. Plus, if you call LG they will tell you that they do not have a water ionizer.
  3. Small company and very new to the USA.

2 Responses

    • May 19th, 2014 at 6:06 pm

      IonizerMan says:

      Unfortunately Nexus does not have a true company behind them. They are run by 1 lady who is importing the machines, fixing the machines, and selling the machines exclusively. You may be better suited buying from a legitimate water ionizer company who is fully staffed and experienced in the industry. This way when it comes to ordering replacement filters, or getting warranty repair, you will have no issues.

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