Real Talk: What Real People Are Really Saying About Water Ionizers

With all of the incredible science showing off the benefits of alkaline water and just how life-changing owning a water ionizer can be, it’s easy to forget that these things are happening to REAL people. Lives just like yours and mine are actually being changed and reshaped in the mold of a healthier potential. The variety of different people who use an alkaline water ionizer to feel and live better is really something. Everybody from an Olympic medalist to a Yorkshire Terrier can see their past physical habits fade out and be replaced with days brimming with unbelievable vitality! It just goes to show that this is not hype, not just talk – these results speak for themselves.


The people who push their body the hardest are the most discriminating when it comes to fueling their body. So it comes as no surprise that the absolute elite in the athletic world refuse to feed their body with anything less than pure, crystalline, healing, alkaline water. In football, hockey, soccer and MMA – the elite are using the power of alkalinity to succeed. Even the fiercest of competitions, the Olympics, is being revolutionized by the benefits of alkaline water.




An actor’s body has to be able to thrive in an environment where they are always on display. It takes a lot of energy to be constantly in the spotlight. (I’d imagine.) There is a reason why many of today’s actors and actresses have switched from typical tap water to alkaline water – because the energy is unmatched. The hydration is unmatched. You simply can’t do better for your skin. In the ultra-high definition world of today.. can you blame them? Meghan Markle from the beloved Suits carries a portable water ionizer to keep her looking at the pinnacle of televised beauty.

Having alkaline water on the go is a good idea!” – Meghan MarkleSuits



Doctors are the authority on what is beneficial for the body, and countless doctors are preaching the astounding benefits of alkaline water. When one devotes his life to the study of the human body and has something to say about a new dimension of health.. I, for one, am interested. The alkalinity of ionized water has doctors recommending it for everything from immune-system boosting to cellular hydration.

 Alkaline water, produced by a water ionizer, has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”Dr. William Kelley, College of Metabolic Medicine and Author of “Cancer Cure”



Next week, we’ll take a look at more real stories from real people (and real pets). In the meantime, check out how the latest ionizers stack up with on our Ranking Chart!



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