The Runner’s Secret Weapon!

alkaline run runnerToday’s runner needs to stay hydrated. These days we have the option to fuel our body with the absolute premium in healthy, natural, alkaline water. It’s a new age for hydration, and a new level of athleticism is available to us. Ionized alkaline water allows for improvement in almost every single aspect of running – the sport in which hydration is of paramount importance. Today we take a look at how today’s runner can take advantage of the incredible developments in personal hydration. 

Alkaline endurance!

As quick as it takes to get dehydrated, your run can take a turn for the worse. Any good runner keeps a bottle of water! But what use is it to only get semi-hydrated when you are pushing your stamina and endurance to the max? Low-quality hydration leads to a low-quality run, and the reverse can easily be true. When you hydrate yourself with ionized alkaline water, a couple of things start to happen. You’ll notice a dramatic increase in daily energy – so you can start your runs easier and end them without feeling absolutely drained afterwards!

alkaline runnerA step in the right direction!

As you start to flush your body with crystal-clear, ultra-pure alkaline water, you’ll find yourself being able to run longer and longer. You won’t be as sapped of energy as you complete your daily run, and you’ll find there’s substantially less cramps! As your muscles and joints get hydrated down to the cellular level, you’ll truly notice improvements in just about every aspect of your regimen. You’ll need less water to get the same level of hydration, while helping to purify your body of acidic buildup and toxins! No other water can offer you that kind of care and you won’t find this level of hydration and alkalinity in regular water. It really is a no-brainer! 

Run over to our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide to see how you can reward yourself with a money-saving, life-improving, ultra-beneficial alkaline water ionizer machine! 




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