How to Protect Yourself from Scams

What Matters Most?

Let’s Face it. There are so many water ionizer companies and alkaline water organizations saying so many things on the internet. It should be stated that many of the certifications and awards that you see on a water ionizer brand’s website can be bought.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the only organizations that cannot be bought. That said, DO NOT buy any water ionizer no matter how great it may seem from a company without a stellar BBB rating. Be sure to check the number of complaints a company has received, and how the complaints were handled.

TIP: Some companies have already been given a poor rating and so they either switched their company name or they signed up for another organization (on a paid basis) that is similar to the BBB to confuse you. These organizations are almost 100% scams, so shop smart.

How to protect yourself in

3 easy steps


Very Important! Type in the name of the water ionizer company that is associated with the water ionizer brand that you wish to research. For example “Enagic”, “Tyent USA”, etc. This will ensure that the company cannot hide by changing their name.


Start reading! See which companies have an acceptable rating. You can read all the customer complaints and then make your decision on which company you feel more confident in doing business with.


We can’t stress how critical this is. A company can pretty much say anything they want and make any promises they want. The BBB is the age old, tried and true consumer protection agency that can keep you on the right track and ensure a safe purchase.

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