Sculpt Your Body For The Summer – The Healthy Way!

Summer is approaching at full speed! Are you ready? That is, are you feeling healthy enough to take advantage of the beautiful weather? Whether it’s cracking the surface of a still lake with a wakeboard, jogs in the woods or simply chasing kids around – summer is the season of movement! To make sure your body is genuinely healthy enough for you to fully enjoy the summer, start by observing what you are eating and drinking.

alkaline It’s not all about that bikini bod..

Part of being the most vibrant, healthy and happy you is taking care of yourself on the inside as well as out. Your body is around 75% water – and when that SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF YOU is acidic, treated tap water… it doesn’t bode well for your entire body! But! When compared to the booming vibrancy of a body flowing with pure, alkaline ionized water.. it seems like quite the easy decision! The fact is that more and more people are realizing the importance of feeding the body with HEALTHY water – and seeing the multitudes of benefits that grow from having a healthy internal system! Such as..

1-dancing-happy-girl-on-the-beach-anna-omelchenkoAn alkaline bikini bod!

The truth is that as your beautify your insides, your outside takes notice! As you flush your body of the accumulated acidic wastes, unhealthy fat begins to slip right off. Although society tends to put an importance on having beautiful outsides, when you begin to properly hydrate your cells and begin to alkalize your body – you’ll know that as good as your body’re feeling just as good!

Make this summer the best, most energized summer of your life. Start with becoming the most energized you ever! Check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Rankings Chart to help you choose an alkaline water ionizer and start to really see what your body is capable of!

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