4 Ways to Help Your Ionizer Alkalize Your Body!

A water ionizer is a tough little machine. Over the last couple of posts, we’ve gone over a huge variety of ways that you can use your water ionizer to alkalize your body. So! Today we’re going to check out ways that you can help your ionizer to alkalize your body!

Eat greens!

alkaline kaleSome of the most alkaline food in the world comes in the form of leafy greens. Don’t fret though – I too wasn’t crazy about broccoli and spinach as a kid.. But once I learned about the incredible alkaline properties of these vegetables, I decided to give them another try. As an adult more attuned to listening to my body, I realized that I would feel great after some greens. Then I discovered the heavy hitters – Lacinto kale, black kale, swiss chard, red chard, rainbow chard, parsely, collard, etc. These super-vegetables are some of the most alkalizing things you can eat! It is important though, to properly wash them with ionized acidic water, to make sure you get the cleanest and healthiest vegetables available!

Assist your water ionizer by eating more raw food!

Raw food means food that has never been cooked – and therefore has retained all of the valuable nutrients. When we heat up our food, we transform it – and sometimes that means giving up some nutrient bioavailability. Bioavailability determines how much of the nutrients your body can actually absorb and use. Luckily, your alkaline water ionizer can help increase your body’s ability to absorb and transform nutrients. This makes eating raw food even healthier! So this is pretty much your ionizer helping you help it help you! Wait, what?

Reduce stress!

alkaline meditation happyBeing stressed has been linked to increased internal acidity. Taking a moment to be FULLY present means that you aren’t carrying a stressed tension all throughout your muscles, and can go a long way for your health. Meditation doesn’t mean forcing yourself into a position and chanting some word . Meditation is something ultra-familiar to you – it is just being, without any distractions or ideas forced on you. Take a second to just be you. This will help in incredible ways, not to mention help reduce internal stress!

Drink LOTS of water.

So you have this miracle machine – your ionizer – giving you the absolute healthiest and best water possible. So all that’s left is to make sure you are consuming a lot of it! As you drink more and more pure alkaline water, you assist your body in ridding itself of acidic waste. When you flush your body, you are losing stagnant internal leftovers that have been weighing you down – while gaining ultra-important hydration that every one of your cells is craving.

If you want more information on how water ionizers work to help your body, check out our videos section. Until next time!

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