How does an alkaline water ionizer work?


You already know that the water that comes out of your alkaline water ionizer machine is amazing.  The water is clean and filtered, has an alkaline pH and is loaded with antioxidants and hydrogen.  Have you ever paused to think about how exactly your water ionizer works?  Read on to learn how your alkaline water ionizer works!

How does an alkaline water ionizer work?

An alkaline water ionizer is an appliance that you attach to your kitchen sink.

First, your water goes through the filters in your machine.  This is a very important step of the ionization process.  Filtering the water helps to remove any chemicals or pesticides that can be infiltrating your water supply.  Water ionizers that offer dual filtration are going to do a better job of cleaning your tap water than ionizers with just one filter. 

Your clean, filtered water then proceeds to the chamber of the water ionizer and goes over the plates.  Plates are another very important aspect of your water ionizer machine.  The number of plates, their size, what they are made of and their type are all things you should take into consideration when you’re ready to buy a water ionizer machine.  Here’s a snapshot of what you should look for when researching water ionizer plates:

  • Platinum-coated titanium plates
  • Solid/mesh hybrid plates are superior
  • 7, 9 or 11 (best choice) plates are the way to go

For more detailed information and reasons why you should consider these criteria, please check out our Buyer’s Guide.

How does an alkaline water ionizer work?

The plates give the water a negative and positive electrical charge.  They “ionize” the water which turns it into alkaline or acidic water.  The water is then ready to come out of the two hoses, one for the alkaline water and one for the acidic water.  The alkaline water is loaded with antioxidants and hydrogen.  The acidic water can be used for cleaning or for topical skin application.  It is often referred to as Beauty Water.  You can read more about the benefits of hydrogen in your water here: Hydrogen Water.  

This is just a quick overview of how an alkaline water ionizer works.  There is, of course, a more scientific explanation to the whole process. We would love to discuss water ionizers with you if you have further questions!  Simply give us a call at 877-878-7220 or leave a comment below.  Check out our video page comparing different water ionizers. Also, be sure to download our FREE Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the right ionizer for you and your family!




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